Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day after the 16th birthday....

Yesterday my son, my youngest child, turned 16.  And I thought that I was ready for my "baby" to be at this next big step in his life....this next big step in my life.  But, although I put on a good front, I'm not ready at all.  See, he's my youngest and my only son.  He was the one who stayed home with mom when his sisters left to go to school.  He and I would plan our day over breakfast and then bake cookies or banana bread, make Christmas ornaments out of glitter, glue and pipe cleaners (yep, we still  hang them on the tree) or  cuddle together on the couch and read books.  Sometimes, we would  turn music on and dance... or march. Now, he is 16, driving a car and well on his way to becoming a really wonderful young man.  Yes, it makes me sad but it also makes me very happy to see the wonderful person he is growing into.  So,                                  

                                                       Happy Birthday Cormick!

                                                     and remember to drive safe.....)

I really loved how Jennifer McGuire used Glossy Accents on her Lily Pad Welcome card. When my Gem Hunt prize arrived from HA and it contained the HA Solid Dots Pattern cling stamp I just knew I had to try out Jennifer's technique.

And, here is the end result.   This is the birthday card that I made for Corm...complete with Glossy Accented Dots.  I like the effect!  I can also see trying it with liquid pearls on a wedding type card... on top of pearlized white cardstock hmmmm.....

I hope that you like it.  He sure did!  Thank you for stopping by ;)


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my blog.......

Hi World!
     Soooo, today I am starting my blog and I am so scaredexcitedhappynervousworriedhopefultickled....that I almost don't know where to start.  Notice I said almost because really, I do know where to start and that is in the "Thank You" aisle of my heart.  Thank you to my husband who totally supports (both emotionally and financially heh-heh) my mad passion to play with paper, colored pencils and glue dots.  Thanks to my lovies Bess, Clarice and Corm who for years have expressed love for and admiration of EVERY SINGLE CARD or HOMEMADE WHATZIT  that mom gave matter how REALLY AWFUL the item looked.  And thanks, yes, really thanks to the online communities of stampers who I know only through my computer but I could never have taken this blogging step without their encouragement, tips and support.  So many people have helped me through these stamping communities with wonderful comments on my little cards and projects.  And, I have loved visiting these people's blogs and getting glimpses into their lives through their creativity that it truly has spurred me on to my own blog.  Yep, I'm taking that big step.  Yikes!  It seems like only a few days ago that I was "hemming and hawwing" to my family about whether I should take the plunge into the HA card pool!  But I did dive in and have loved every minute of it.  So, here is my blog....I hope you like it...and I hope you will be able to stop by from time to time to say Hi!

and p.s.  please be patient while I find  my computer and blogging groove :)