Monday, June 20, 2011

Glitter-Glitter Baby!

I am not really a "diamond" type of girl but man-o-man......don't take my glamour dust glitter away from me!  LoveloveLOVE the sparkle of glitter on cards....really just a 3 year old at heart.  I suppose this is why I show up at my husband's business functions with small irridescent sparkles stuck to my face......

Oh well, here is my card.  I love it!  Why you ask? Because, I love mixing earthy colors, like those you can achieve with Distress Inks and then popping them out with a little "granulated bling"....and sometimes, it works.  Like this time.

I used the Penny Black pin striped flower...GREAT IMAGE!  I am totally doing it up red, white and yellow sparkles for Christmas cards!  I also used a fav-o-mine background stamp=the envelope pattern from Hero Arts.  Love that I stamped it many times in many different directions....I find it looks all rustic-burlapy-cool when I multi stamp it.  Nice huh?  I framed out the sentiment (lawn fawn) with   a Spellbinders circle die and popped the green part of the frame up on dots....which my less than great photography doesn't show very well...and the glitter doesn't show as AMAZING-LY BEAUTIFUL as it is either....does anyone know how to photograph glitter to perfection?  If so, let me know your secret!


So, thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.....I really get a charge out of reading comments....It's like getting happy mail :-D.

Be well,



Lisa said...

Love these bold colors Sheila! Beauty of a card! I know exactly what you mean about the glitter :) I think it's one of my favorite things to add to something! I also really like the way multi stamping of the envie pattern turned out- fantastic!

paula said...

WOW what a stunner of a card Sheila :D I love the colours & the way you put the card together. I bet the glitter looks amazing irl xoxoxoxo

Tiffany said...

Love all the shine and glitter, really does make a card so special! I love your little sentence on going to parties with glitter on your face, hehe!

Virginia L. said...

I'm not the glittery kind of girl, either! BUT when the glitter is used "properly", it is gorgeous! Yours is the perfect example, Sheila! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Hope you are enjoying crafting!