Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here a card, there a card....

My youngest son graduated this past Sunday and I am surprised at how emotional a day/time it was for me.  I always knew that there would be a surge of emotions when Corm, our last child, graduated but wasn't prepared for the tidal wave that hit!  I am just starting to dig out from the the grad party, the events leading to graduation and the ceremony itself.  And, while I have been making a few cards for several kids whose party's we are invited to I have been so busy that I forget to photograph quite of few creations.  Oh well!  I do have two that I did photograph and those I can share with you.  The first is for a friend that I am looooong past due in getting a card out to.  She sent me a wonderfully sweet little pick me up card when I was just heading into this whole graduating time frame a few weeks ago and I still haven't gotten back to her.  I thought I would make her a card and get it sent but days turned into weeks and here I am quite delinquent in letting her know how much her kindness meant to me!  I have been using some of my JustRite Stamps lately and working them my different dies....and totally loving the results.  I still enjoy coloring but these type of cards go together soooo quickly that they are the perfect type of card to turn to when I need something and don't have the latitude to color.  I really had fun with these colors....they are somewhat of a new pairing for me put I love the results and think I am going to shop for more of this yellow-y/gold color!

I also have the card that I made for my son for his graduation.  He is going to attend UW-Madison....home of Bucky the Badger! and I wanted to use the colors of Wisconsin.  I totally LOVE how this turned out!  I used JustRite stamps again along with some of their complimentary dies and my Spellbinder dies and really  played around with the design until I found what I liked best.  I did ffigure out that I could cut apart a die as long as the cut areas were covered so that is what I did with both cards....in the "lovely" card the scalloped pink mat is cut and pulled out to the edge of the white die and the Wisconsin card has the same thing done with the black scalloped mat.  This way I was able to get a little bit of the contrasting color in.

Then, this is inside the top flap of the card.  I wanted to finish it off with a little bit more of Bucky....which is simply a sticker that is matted on a black die cut square.  The Bucky on the front of the card is mounted on white card stock and then fussy cut out.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope to have my house more in order soon (man I hope it is soon!) and also to put together some of the graduation photos to share.  It was a wonderful time and now on to the next stage of life!

Be well,


judkajudi said...

Congratulations on this next phase of your life!! I have very happy memories of UW Madison!! My daughter Kathy graduated from there and I was able to share her experience of being in the marching band. Best wishes to Corm and to you ... job well done both of you.

Dawn Turley said...

Superb cards Sheila. In NZ we don't have graduations from High School/College but when our children finish their university degrees they graduate - with gowns and mortar boards. Their gowns have hoods in the colours of their degrees. I love seeing the high school graduation in the USA. Congrats to your Corm and best wishes to him for the next stage of his life.

Maureen Morton said...

What a big step for you, Sheila! A new beginning for both you and Corm. The card you made him is so special, with the school colors and mascot - a real guys card and something I know he will treasure. And I do love the color combo on the first one - it is seriously different, but refreshing! Another great bow, too. All my best to you and your son.

bessanne said...

Love the first card!! And corms too ;)