Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whew....It's been a looong time!

Hi All!  It has certainly been a long time since my last post....well over a month I believe!  It is for several reasons....moving kids (7 moves in all) back to school.  Two trips to see my oldest, several to see my other two and also a nice, looooong trip to France.  We had a marvelous time and realized that in nearly 22 years of marriage Joe and I have only had approximately 6 days in all that time away with out kids!  I can't believe that although I know it's true.  We didn't have a honeymoon so this trip was truly a long time coming and believe me - we made the most of it.  First we went to Reims and then over to Paris and even though we had a blast years ago when we took the kids to France, Paris is a really fun city to be in WITHOUT kids!

So, it has been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to craft.  And, I have missed it!  I am just getting back into the crafting groove and it feels gooood.  I have made some purchases lately....some JustRite Stamps, some dies....Some Taylored Expressions and I am really looking forward to getting them out to play.  I also have re-contacted ChemoAngels....I took a break this summer knowing that my craft time would be nil.  But now I am ready to get back into that program and have also looked into Operation Write Home.  I like the freedom of making many different types of cards and love to give them aways  so what better way than to donate cards than these two organizations!

My oldest daughter recently completed a MS walk with her friends and she wanted me to make her some thank you notes to send out.  I was just back from our trip and kinda dry when it came to ideas....even thank you note ideas!  Then I saw this card here on my blog friend Robin's blog and EUREKA! - I had found my card idea....Thanks to Robin of course.  Instead of a Christmas tree (which really wouldn't have made any sense for my cards hehee) I decided to go with a heart because my daughter showed such "heart" in embarking upon this walk.  I loved Robin's idea of the ribbons and sequins and thought that it would look cute, young and fresh....just like my 23rd old daughter. So, I created an assembly line and made 15 of these cards with scraps and bits of various ribbons.  I love how this turned out and it was so simple and quick!  I used a Paper Smooch sentiment that I thought would fit the card style when and then mounted on scraps of colored paper before mounting on white cardstock.

The colors really didn't turn out well in my photo's.  In real life they are fun and bright but not at all "neon-y-ish".  My daughter has received them and she LOVED them too and all have been sent out to her various supporters.

Here are the cards....

And thank you to Robin for the great idea!  And folks, stop by Robin's really is a treat!

Be well, 


joy said...

Welcome home, Sheila! What a wonderful trip for you and your hubby! Glad you were able to go and spend time together.

These cards are just too sweet - I love the fun colors and hearts have always been a favorite icon of mine.

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Love the cards! Glad you are doing well and had a good trip!

Robin K. said...

Welcome back Sheila! Sounds like you've had an amazing fall so far!! Thank you so much for the very sweet "shout out"! I'm so glad you were inspired by my tree- I'm lovin' your hearts and know I'll be CASEing your idea!!! Robin:)

Dawn Turley said...

Welcome back Sheila... missed your beautiful crafts but did so enjoy following you round France with FB. You took some awesome photos. Well done for your daughter with her walk. and your cards are all so fabulous.

Maureen Morton said...

So so tickled that you have been out living and NOT blogging! I so enjoyed your highlights on FB - you are so blessed. Love these precious cards and so sweet of your dear daughter to want to send them. Welcome home.