Friday, August 22, 2014

Spellbinders/Creating A Gilded Life

I am going  to attempt to post this entry using my phone from the end of our dock at our cottage.....I don't have super high hopes haha!  Better to try and fail then never to have tried at all right? I want to enter  this into the Spellbinder's/Creating a Gilded Life contest under the Fabric Arts section. I decided to try something new and very "out of the box" for me. From my A Gilded Life stash I pulled several faux vintage photos and decided to try to put together something that reminded me of my Grandma Bessie. I was lucky enough to have overnights at my Grandma's house when I was little and it was always such a special time. One thing that made it special is that Grandma was a crafter and so there were always so many cool tschtkes to look at. I remember going into her bedroom and feeling like I was entering another world.  I loved the smell of her perfume and talc. I loved opening her closet and burrowing into her fur coat.  She would let me try on  her jewelry and pretend to be a queen in her high heels and white gloves.  Lastly, she would let me dust and rearrange the top of her dresser where all sorts of treasures rested.  One particular "treasure" was a gold painted picture frame that framed some lace covered satin.  This elegant frame then became a repository for all sorts of curiosities. There were faded pictures of people from long ago. There were baby pics and pics of her as a young girl as well as a wedding snapshot.  She used this frame to catch her hat pins . There also was an old religious medal hanging from a broken chain .  If she found a button that was particularly elegant that often found its way to this board. A pretty ribbon or bit of Irish lace might also be included . And finally,  there was always a letter or I included a letter that I crumpled and distressed as tho it had been read, tossed and then retrieved and saved . What I remember is a feeling of faded elegance and faded memories. I plan to enter this into the fabric art section of the Spellbinder/Creating A Gilded Life contest.

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane with me.

Be well,



Maureen Morton said...

Absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing the memories and Happy BDay!

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Wonderful project! Enjoy the lake!

Larissa Heskett said...

WoWoWoWoWoW!! This is so BEAUTIFUL!! =) I LOVE ALL of the Details and the FUN Design!! Plus what a SWEET collection of Memories!! Well Done!! Good Luck in the Contest!! =) Have a Fabulous Weekend!! =)

Lisa said...

Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous!! All of the details you added fabulous!! What a beautiful project!!

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