Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding Bells

...and some fairly fun but unconventional wedding cards.  I always and I mean ALWAYS tank when it comes to wedding/anniversary cards.....I have no idea why but I avoid them like the plague because I usually HATE what I make.  Maybe it is all the "white - ness" that a lot of wedding cards have.  And, it always seems that wedding and anniversary cards (like a 25th or a 50th) always have soooo much meaning and importance attached to them that I usually feel that my cards will look silly and sad in comparison to what's out "there".  So, generally I, (gulp) buy those type of cards.  But, tomorrow I have a wedding to go to and today I had time to mess around the crafting room.  And, I had time to fiddle futz with ideas that had the potential, however slim, of becoming a wedding card.  And, although I did not, could NOT go all white or all ivory I did produce two cards that I am happy in my Sheila-who-goes-overboard-with-color-all-the-time-way.  So, just briefly I will let you know how I pulled off my successful (for me) wedding cards.  First I decided to go with pearlized card stock....silver for one and pink for the other.  Then I folded a piece of vellum over each card.  I then stamped the vellum with a super large cover a card stamp in white and then embossed them with an irridescent powder.  Then I be-ribboned, (color=YES!) and then put sentiment labels on.  The doily that is on the pink card is swiped with the versa mark pad and then covered with the irridescent embossing powder.  So, my niece is going to give one card and my husband and I will give the other.  I plan to stamp/emboss a corner of the envelope and then I usually wrap the envelope with some glittery tulle.  Ta-da!  So, here are the cards-

What you can't really see is how really cool, glittery and just dang FABULOUS the irridescent embossed vellum is.  Oh well---guess you all will have to invite me to a wedding or anniversary bash someday because I will for sure be making this type of card again!  Take care and thanks for stopping by today....again, again and again!

Be well,


Dawn said...

These are both so elegant looking Sheila. You are right to be proud of what you did here... stunning.

Brenda said...

Stunning Sheila! I can definitely see the shimmer on both cards. Love what you did to the doily! I would be totally lost making a wedding card! Have fun tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Shimmery goodness! I love the iridescent doily and the colorful ribbons you added- who says a wedding card has to be all white?
Your writing cracks me up- thanks for the giggles :)
Have a fab time at the wedding!!

Maureen Morton said...

Sheila, these cards are both so amazing and eye-catching! Love the shimmering look of both. I know it is hard for you to walk away from the vibrant colors, but you did so good, kid! Masterpieces, both!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Amazing Sheila... I think you are hooked on wedding cards now with these two glittery designs.