Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warning! Long introspective

post coming up!   I have been absent and for that I must apologize. Actually the person I most need to apologize to is myself because not being on my blog also means that I haven't been able to craft.  Not a bit. So, my last post was January 31 and it was a card that I had made previously but was just posting.  That means an entire week in my life passed and  I was unable to find the time to sit down and do something for myself.  Now, don't get me wrong....the week or so between the the end of January and today have been filled with lots of fun stuff....dinners out, visits with friends, swim meets, movies...both at home and at the theater.  I mean, really, fun times.  But, I know, my family knows, that crafting gives me a ton of joy, comfort, enjoyment and, really, a sense of contentment.  I feel recharged....much the way some of my non - crafty  friends say they feel after a run.  So, if crafting gives me all of the above wonderful benefits....if it makes me feel good (and may I add it doesn't have ANY CALORIES!) why don't I drop some of my non - essential "busy-ness" and get to my table?  It is an odd thing....I almost sabotage myself some days by blog hopping until there is no time left for me to craft.  Do any of you have this issue?  There are days I actually feel "guilty" about putting aside this time for myself.....and no one else puts this guilt on me mind you!  It's all me!  I feel guilty because it is sunny and nice out, the house is dirty, I need to get that book read for book club and the list goes on and on....and the end result is -  nothing actually gets done.  I am hoping this is a phase that passes in my life and that it is a "mother" thing.  I mean, as moms we are constantly putting off doing stuff for ourselves - like saving "our time" until it is more opportune.  I think, moms, especially moms like myself that have finally gotten to a place in our life where we have more time, need to "re-learn" how to carve out quality time for ourselves.  Some of us may work out because it is good for us, read that book because it is for club, get together with friends because it is fun but ultimately, we kinda forget about that solitary self inside us that needs to be quiet and create, to color, to play.  I always think back on one of my daughters who, each year at the end of the school term, would retreat to our house, the hammock, the fav chair, the porch, deck etc and read.  She would read for days, for most of the summer.  Other kids would be out swimming etc and she would read because that is what "fed" her after a busy year of school work, socializing, sports etc....I think I need to take some "me time" lessons from my kids. ;-D

Anyways, yesterday I was stressing about all the stuff I had to get done.  And I did get some of it done and alot of it went "undone".  But, I did make two cards.  So, from my perspective, the day was good.
The first card....the big layered heart one I am entering into the Lily Pad Patterned Paper Challenge.

Both sentiments are Hero Arts and the large image is Northwoods Rubber Stamp Co.  Thanks for stopping by and and if you got to this sentence, well then, THANK YOU for slogging thru an exceptionally long post!

Be well,


Lisa said...

Love your card for the challenge, Sheila- the strip down the center and layered hearts are fab! Love how you colored the image in the second- so pretty!
I agree with you- what is it about us moms that makes us forget about ourselves? I must admit I am as guilty of that as the next person. I think the saying is "If Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy" !! It does ring true! I'm going to try to get "happy " today myself :)

Sasha said...

Hi Shelia,
I've missed you. And I totally agree with every single thing you said. I have my own room filled with my craft things, and my computer. I lock myself away for hours and then feel guilty for not doing other things. So you're not alone...enjoy your 'ME' time...you deserve it! Whatever it may be xx

Both of your cards are gorgeous, as always. Beautiful papers, stamping and colouring:)

Virginia L. said...

Both cards are gorgeous, Sheila! I really like the use of pattern paper on the first! The 2nd one is lovely with that hot pink and glitter! And I totally understand about the ME time --where is the balance! Hope you (and I ) find balance and that will keep us happy! xox

mforquer said...

OH gorgeous creations!!!! Sounds like you had some fun but I know what it's like to not get the crafty stuff in because it's such a recharge...as mom's we do put everyone else first...I've started to realize for myself though that when I get my crafty time - I'm a better mom and wife!!! Big ((HUGS)) to you and I'm glad you found some time for your crafty goodness - your creations are BEAUTIFUL!

Pam W Merwin said...

Love the large stamp hearts - the paper is perfect! What a sweet bow at the bottom :) Would really like to know more about where you got the heart stamp if you don't mind sharing :)

Dawn said...

great post Sheila. We do sometimes sabotage our lives. I really love my ME time (although I do tend to take more than my fair share sometimes and don't do the things I should, like the ironing!) Love both your cards so glad you did manage some crafting.

Karin (PeppermintPatty) said...

These are fabulous - saw the second card on flickr yesterday and LOVED it! The first is super too!!! Great use of patterned papers! Thanks for playing with us at Lily Pad! Hugs, Karin

Elizabeth Allan said...

Sheila this post is amazing. Thank you for sharing what so many of us feel. Here's to balance, happiness and love!

Tiffany said...

Ah! No worries my friend! It happens to all of us and there are days where I, too, want to craft so badly, and it just simply doesn't happen so I just wait and the opportunity just seems to come when life sees fit! Funny thing, hah? Both of your cards are so gorgeous and I Heart the BIG heart!

judkajudi said...

Love these cards, Sheila! Glad you found time to be creative. I think we all struggle with managing our time. I, too, am often guilty of spending more time browsing blogs than crafting! But it nurtures my spirit, so all is not lost. I just organized all my Hero Arts wood stamps; does that count as creative? It's just a form of procrastination! Hugs, Judy

Brenda said...

I love both your cards Sheila! Love the glitteriness on the second card and the BIG heart on the first!

I hope that in the posts to come you will be telling us how you are carving some time out just for YOU! It's a necessity! Browsing is addictive and can waste precious time (I do it, I know), and then the guilt about not having time to comment....and more guilt about who knows what else...us women, we are a weird bunch! Reading in a hammock for days definitely sounds like an option!

MarcyK924 said...

GORGEOUS cards AND photography!! You really knocked it out of the park, Sheila!

Your blog post was like reading my own story. I haven't made "me" cards in a long time. I do the same - blog hop all day until it's dinner time. I will say, I have learned a lot!