Thursday, August 9, 2012

Groove issues....

Hi Folks....I am trying to get back into the crafting/blogging groove after a 2 1/2 months of sporadic craft play.  And honestly, I have missed it even though my life has been so full in it's other arenas.  My husband and I were walking the other night and were talking about balance and how summer really throws our house out of balance.  The kids are up later which means he and I are up later.  The noise level is higher and more constant as our house tends to have other kids over alot.  Which we LOVE but it is different when the kids are in school and I know I have a guaranteed "me" time during the day.  But like I summer has been sooo nice and therefore I really can't complain....I just need to make choices and up to now my choices have been more outside time, more family time and less (well, honestly....hardly any at all ) time for crafting. On Sunday, for example, our son was part of a relay team for a triathlon with two of his friends.  He did the swimming leg while his two buds did the biking and running.  They are just going to be high school seniors this year but they won the whole relay division!  And, Sunday was going to be a mom day....but that all changed when this triathlon came up. My husband and I sort of found out that this was planned maybe around Monday/Tuesday for a Sunday meet. Really typical short notice of teen boys! So instead of crafting and fishing we woke up around 4 to get Corm up and then started to get ready ourselves to travel to the town where the race was held.  And would I change anything?  (Well, yes....I would probably change the starting time!)  No not really.....I mean can I pick a card or a scrapbook page over the "being there" for the actual event?  Absolutely not.  And I say this because I know of lots of moms who instead of being at their kids events on a Saturday they have their spouse take pics so they can stay home and scrap.....saturday after saturday after saturday.  And, I am not judging them because they have lots of wonderful scrapbooks made up while I have lots of pictures to still scrap!  But now that my kids are older and ready to leave the house I can sit and scrap and remember how good  it felt to be there with them at their successes and to hold them up at their failures.  When I was a new mom the scrapbooking craze was just starting and it was really a decision on my much time could I devote to a hobby.  Like playing golf or any other sport.  How much time away could I take away from being with  my family?  And my answer was "not much".  So, as my time with my kids winds down....I say this as my oldest is 22 and living in another state, my middle is 19 and in college in another town and my youngest is 17 and a senior in high school who will be leaving for college this time next year.  I am glad that I have TONS of images to scrap....glad because I feel that will help me skip down memory lane when the door to my son's dorm closes next August and I go back to a house that is "kid-less".  I suppose this post is not what you were expecting.....this year is going to be a lot of "lasts" for me....last of sporting events, last of music festivals and concerts, last of plays and last HS graduation.  And that is all fine.  It is how it should be and I really believe that I am ready for the next phase of life.  And my husband and I have talked about what we will do....what we can do now that we will be a little free-er with our time and day to day responsibilities.  And we will be young still at 50!  So, I think that my blog will evolve to reflect that change.  I am still absolutely going to post my crafting pics....but crafting is just part of my overall it is for all of you.  And so, here are a few pics of my fabulous Sunday morning watching my son emerge from the lake in his triathlon.

 And here is the pic my friend Kathy took of the two proud parent's who gave up an early morning fishing outing and a few hours of quiet crafting to see their son swim .  And, we have no regrets.  My husband always throws his fish back anyways,  and my inks and pens won't dry up but Corm....well, Corm will continue to grow and mature and find his path away from us.  Just as his sister's did before him.  As it should be.

Isn't this a good picture?  We laugh cuz as a family we generally take AWFUL photos....well, actually that is usually just me who takes bad pics!  But this one I like. I feel our "happy" just jumps off the page.  I can't wait to scrap it someday!

And I do have a card btw!  My son had his wisdom teeth removed the day after the triathlon so I had lots of time to sit with him and color and this little image is a quick one that I colored up for the lady that I am a chemo angel for.  I sent it to her along with some amazing natural healing balm for her to use on her radiation spots.  I love this little guy and the sentiment inside the card is "sending you a little sunshine".  Nice and to the point. 

I feel like I should have "grounded" this image but oh well, it is already packed and sent!  It's funny how some cards look good until you go back and look at the photo taken!  Take care!

Be well,


Judy1223 said...

Sheila, I have to say I really LOVED and in a way I NEEDED to read this post! So many days I feel almost guilty that I'm not able to blog or comment or craft because of so many other life committments with my family...yet, you are SO RIGHT when you say it will all be there, while the other life moments will be gone! What a wonderful reminder you have just given me...THANK YOU! I need to stop feeling guilty and start enjoying the moments.

I loved, in particular, the pics of the triathlon your son did as a relay. Good for them! Congrats on their win, too! You and your son and DH do look so happy in that picture. That's the important stuff.

My husband does triathlons and I wake the kids up EARLY to get there and cheer him on...I am always amazed at the variety of athletes doing these races (it outs me to shame...I don't think I could even run around the block at this point!). I admire every one of them, from first to last place. As big a pain as it can be, getting up early, dragging 4 kids around the streets to cheer, standing around afterwards to wait for results...they are some of our nicest memories as a family.

Again, thank you for the much needed reminder that living life is more important than documenting it immediately. I needed that!

Sasha said...

Such lovely photo's Sheila, you must feel so proud of your fact all your kids. I hope your son is okay after having his wisdom teeth removed...which is a very painful procedure.

Spend as much time as possible with your kids, Sheila, because when they fly the nest life can seem very empty, at times. We just have one son, he's twenty eight and left home quite a few years ago. He phones us most days, but we don't get to see much of one another. I now have lots of spare time to craft, but I would love to go back to the days of hearing the door open and he would come flying in with friends, or his girlfriend, and our home was full of fun and laughter.

BTW your card is really lovely! You are such a sweetheart to do what you do for others xx

joy said...

Hi, Sheila! Well, dear friend, I think you will have a lot of positive responses to this post of yours.

First of all, let me say that I am much older than you (I have kids your age) and the most important things to me are still my church, my family and my friends. I am always busy with "outside" things, as you put it. And, my blog has been neglected a lot lately.

I love the pictures you have shared here - you do indeed look like a very happy threesome after your son's triathalon!

And, the card you made is just so adorable, I know it will bring a smile to the face of it's recipient. As always, your coloring is beautifully done!

Hugs to you!

Pam W Merwin said...

No truer words were ever written. We all my try to live in the moment! My children are grown and gone and have families of their own. So, now I try to make sure that I live in the moment of our two precious grandchildren. Sometimes it is hard :)

I know you must be so proud of your son and what a great picture - thanks for the inspiration :)

Elizabeth Allan said...

Sheila you are one terrific woman and mother. So glad you are enjoying this time with your children as it goes so fast. Memories are forever and you will have lots of them to warm your heart!

Lovely card....

Lisa said...

I read your post the other day while I was sitting on my couch and I could feel the tears welling. By the time I finished I was a mess, which is why I haven't commented til now. Your words really struck a chord with me and have me rethinking things - again. Thanks for the check.
Your chemo friend will certainly love this little gem of a card - that chicken is so darned cute!
Sounds like your summer has been a lot of fun- I hope you continue enjoying the last few days before school starts again!

Virginia L. said...

I can't agree with you more, Sheila! I have mixed feelings that my growing kids are needing less of me, but that doesn't mean I cut down my time with them. I cherish every day that we can be together. Days like this do not last forever--they grow up and they will leave (sad but true)!I could never blog like I do when they were little, my family ALWAYS comes first! You are such a great Mom and it truly shows!!Your son's swimming photos are fantastic! I hope you do find the happy balance that you want! HUGS! Your darling card will raise your friend's spirit!

Robin K. said...

This was such a great post Sheila! When I first started blogging I used to think it had to be an "all or nothing" endeavor. Now I realize it's okay if I don't blog everyday or participate in every challenge or spend hours and hours commenting (although I must say since acquiring my IPad commenting goes ALOT quicker than on our old PC!). And I love it when fellow bloggers share a little slice of their lives beyond card making - it's a great reminder that we are all more than just crafters:). Your card is adorable by the way!

Jenni's Jems said...

Thanks Sheila for saying what I'm sure we all feel!And to-day I came across your posting just when I needed it, I am a 53year old mum and with two teenagers sometimes feel that the days of teenage angst will never end! hee he but like you have noticed that we no longer do the weekly football trek in all weathers(and in Scotland that is in freezing cold wind,rain and snow -why they play football in winter I will never know!) We have always tried to be there for all their activities and yes I do look forward to more me time for me and my hubby maybe that's why I was so late at getting into card making caring ,for the boys and my mum and working left little time for hobbies so like you I will be grateful that I have a host of memories.But I must say that I include the whole family in my hobby..... because I am really pretty useless with a computer so someone always has to come and sort my mistakes out hee he xx

Greta said...

You know, Sheila, I've been re-evaluating my priorities & loved reading this post. You're right--the happy does jump out of that wonderful picture of the 3 of you! I don't have kids, but I know I've let my crafting take away time I need to spend on things I don't really like to do around the house (not fair to hubby) & on keeping myself fit. I have New Year's Resolutions even though it's not New Year's!

Maureen Morton said...

You are such a great Mom, wife - and card buddy! You capture so much here on your blog - I feel like you are the gal next door. How I wish that I could have had kids (didn't marry until age 46 - not possible!) and I love to see great families like yours. Summer is my time, too, and as much I love my crafting studio there is so much more to do. Now I get such joy out of being out and moving that sometimes I just can't sit and craft. You are a special dear to share o much with us here - bless your sweet heart. Love this country card, too - your coloring is fantastic!