Thursday, February 21, 2013

Proud as a Peacock-BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

I have some unabashed bragging to do. And I will tell you why so if you are just here for the card and not the pride then please scroll down! I have been super busy the last few weeks and the main reason has been that it was the end half of my son's swim season.  Corm is a senior in high school and when he was a scrawny little boy in 8th grade he told us not only did he want to swim Varsity in high school he planned on going to State his freshman year.  To give you an idea of what a big statement that is it means you have to be one of the top 16 swimmers in all of Wisconsin to compete at State. And, going into high school he was not swimming with the type of times that were even close to State qualifying times.  But, to make a long story short, (and also to prevent me from tearing up as I am having a really hard time ;-( with the end of swim season ) Corm made it to State his freshman year.  Actually he made it in two events.  Just like he said he would.  He swam every morning before school at 5:30 and every afternoon for 2+ hours.  And, swimming was one of the best things that ever could have happened to him.  Corm  was kinda picked on in elementary and middle school.  Nothing too horrible but enough to make a young boy feel sad and insecure.  And swimming changed that.  Swimming made him feel good.  It made him feel tired so he went to bed at a decent time.  It made him really hungry so he ate....lots of food and lots of good, healthy food.  It made him organized because he needed to budget his time around school and two practices as well as meets and if his grades dipped we told him he would have to sit out a meet....It made him more confident,  out going and willing to try new things because, in Corm's own words, "mom, you realize that if you can be up on the starting block in a teeny weeny Speedo in front of a bunch of strangers then you can do just about anything!" So, swimming led Corm to go for more Band, Marching and Pep Band, Jazz and German Band, Math Club, Peers to Peers, Tutoring, x-country and track and field as well as the musical.  And, State.  By the time his swim season ended last weekend, Corm made it to State his freshman year in two events, his sophmore year in three events, his junior year in three events and finally his senior year in 4 events....a total of 12 times.  And he medaled. Twice.  So this mom is proud.  Proud as a peacock.  My husband and I were saying that we can't even imagine what type of high school experience Corm would have had if he didn't have swimming....we can't imagine the person Corm would have turned out to be had he not had swimming.









                              Sooooo, swimming has been a HUGE part of this family's life for several years and I can't believe that it is now over......I have loved all the socializing with the other parent's, watching my kid....just everything.  And, of course everything is all the more sweet as Corm is my youngest and heading to graduation so each "end" is really a true END this year.  Sniff-Sniff.  But, I am proud of what he has accomplished but it is a true example of a kid who just worked his butt off.  The card that I made is with one of the images that I bought at a stamp store that is by the swim store in another town.  I have gone to this store each time I go and pick up the special race suits for the boys the day before the sectional meet.  I get the suits then head over to this amazing store....really, amazing.  And this little peacock called out to me...." won't be sorry.....!"  And, I'm not!

I used a WhipperSnapper Design image and Spellbinder dies along with a Cheery Lynn doily die.  I cut apart various layers of the peacock and popped them up on dots.  I did go over some of my copic coloring with a glitter pen and I think that is what is making the image "glare" a bit...but in real life it's pretty spectacular.

Thank you so much for slogging through my looooooong post....and if you didn't slog then thank you for skipping over my looooooooong post and looking at my card!  I appreciate the time you took either way ;-D

Be well,


Lisa said...

Ok- who's tearing up now??! What an awesome post my friend :) You have every right to be proud as a peacock! It was fun to see him as a little boy and now all grown up. Quite a journey eh?
Love your card- it's so perfect and that peacock is adorable :)
I hope Corm knows what a special lady you are- I think he probably does :) XX

Barb said...

Loved this post, Sheila! Huge congrats to Corm! No wonder you're so proud - what an accomplishment!

Love your fabulous peacock too! Sending hugs!

P.S. Be careful driving here to see Bess this weekend with the snow coming! Sounds like it might just go a bit more south than they thought at first - crossing my fingers for you!

purplecinn said...

Wow that's totally awesome :) Does that mean no more competitive swimming fr him at all now? Now love the card too :)

Sasha said...

How lovely to read about your son's success, Sheila. Sending huge congratulations! You must be so proud of his achievements. Such lovely through the years photo's, too. Thank you for sharing.
Your peacock card is gorgeous and works so well with those dies xx

stamplover2011 said...

Big congrats to you and your son! What an awesome Mom for getting him where he needed to be all these years and all the support! So happy for you!

Kathy (krolski) said...

Such GREAT news!! Congrats to Corm! Love your beautiful card too, Sheila!

Ava said...

Sheila, I am following this fantastic progress on FB so at least I see the great news!! The peacock card is a beauty! So well done.

I just started playing around with my blog and I think you and Kathy are my only visitors! Just a select club. Ha, ha! I still don't know how to format it properly but I'm able to post photos so that's a relief!

Please stay in touch! All my best,

joy said...

Sheila, you have every right to be proud of this amazing boy and his journey through high school! It was fun to see the pictures of him then and now. Loved the family picture too.

The peacock card is beautiful; love the colors. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog - I wish you could come play with me and my Gelli plate, too!!!

Lin said...

What a wonderful story, Sheila - you brought me to tears, and made me remember some great memories of our boys' high school years! (with them it was band for one of them and soccer for the youngest) So pleased to hear that hard work pays off still in these times of "good enough". You should be proud of this wonderful young man......the future is looking brighter for our country with someone like him. You have every right to sing his praises! Hard work plus real talent equals excellence - Bravo! Good work, Mama! Hugs to you! I know the bittersweet feeling of the youngest moving on.......

Loved your idea for the doily behind your peacock, too!

Dawn Turley said...

Fabulous post Sheila. You have every right to skite... what an achievement for Corm. He's grown into an incredible young man. Love the card you made for him..

Robin K. said...

Jeez- my eyes were a bit misty by the end of your post! You have every right to be as proud as a peacock! Thanks for sharing your son's inspiring story:). Love the brilliant colors of your card!

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Congrats Sheila! I can see why you are so proud. I love that peacock too!

Maureen Morton said...

Wowser, girlfriend - what a journey. Love this dear story - you are so caring and such a great MOM!!! You should be proud - you done so good, girlfriend. Love that proud & colorful bird, too.