Thursday, May 17, 2012

WARNING!!! Long Introspective Post!

 I have been looking over the Moxie Fab challenges and honestly, until the other day, I am embarrassed to say that I have never entered these challenges.  They are always so inviting over at Moxie Fab world but I have never felt "good enough" of a crafter to enter.  I will look at the gallery and be utterly overwhelmed at the creativity of my fellow crafters.....overwhelmed so much so that I don't enter due to lack of confidence.  Which is absurd, really, if you think about it.  The challenges are there to encourage people like me, the amateur crafter with no art background, to stretch my wings and try something different!  How difficult that small little challenge can be as we get older.  In fact, instead of becoming more secure and confident in ourselves I find that many women I know "close in" on themselves as they age....they try less, they go out less....they explore less.  And, they experiment less.  And when you experiment less you also fail less and it has been reminded to me lately that when one stops "failing" one stops growing.  I believe this completely.  My daughter who graduated from college in December just "walked" this past weekend in Minn.  This was done with her class graduation program as there wasn't one when she really graduated in December.  I am so glad that she ended up choosing to walk and to have that amazing pride filled experience.  The commencement speaker talked about failure and how important it is to "fail" as one goes through life because failures mean that you are out there still trying, still experimenting and still learning.  So,  this past year I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone in many areas of my life.  And while some of these trips outside the zone are scary they all have been good for me, good for my personal growth.  But the one area that I don't stretch too much is in my crafting.  I mean I really worked on my coloring skills this past year but the idea of trying challenges is still sooooo hard for me.  So, upon reflection I have come to the conclusion that the reason I am so reluctant to enter challenges is for the same reason that I was so afraid to blog......some one "out there" might judge me!  Yikes!  Double triple YIKES!  But I plunged into blogging and wonder of wonders....I don't feel judged. So, might that be the same for entering challenges?  I believe it just might fact, I believe it just enough to step outside the "zone" and enter.  Just that.  Just enter.  So, thank you for suffering through my loooong post.....maybe I have lost  a few of you along the way!  I decided to enter the Moxie Fab Postage Challenge.  In fact, before 6/4/2012 I plan to enter ALL the Moxie Fab challenges.  Fist pump for me! ;-D  So here is my card for the Card Creations Week: The Postal Challenge:

I decided to go with the idea of "sending all my love to you" putting the heart onto the postage stamp.  Also, I decided to do the card in United States Postal Colors.....which I think turned out pretty slick!

So, all Spellbinder dies except for the little Papertrey tag.  And the sentiment is  Lawn Fawn.  And, I love this "script" embossing folder....I think it is probs one of my most favs!

Be well,


Pam W Merwin said...

You go Sheila! Loved your post. Lots of encouragement - I have some of the same feelings. I have only participated in Hero Arts Challenges.

Your card is amazing!

You may have set a little fire under me. Guess I need to go "out there" and see what other challenges there are :)

Be blessed

Robin K. said...

Sheila - thank you for openly sharing your thought-provoking words! When I remember how scared I was to post my first card in the Hero Arts flickr group I think of how much I would have missed out on if I hadn't done it! Seeing the work of others such as yourself has made me a better cardmaker and being the giver as well as the receiver of support and encouragement has truly enriched my life :) Putting oneself "out there" isn't always easy but the opportunity for growth is sooooo worth it!!! So I agree with Pam - YOU GO GIRL!! Hugs, Robin :)
P.S. Your card design is great!! Love that you used the USPS colors!

Barb said...

Sheila - you are so right. I was the exact same way - so intimidated by other people's amazing cards, that I never entered the Moxie Fab challenges. . . .UNTIL NOW! I actually have entered three of them recently, and it feels so good! I even won the random drawing for the Vintage Vogue challenge! Only random, but still fun. So I am very proud of you for doing it too, because I can totally relate to how you were feeling. Love your card - good luck in the challenge, and here's to many more! :)

Virginia L. said...

I am still here, Sheila! You are talking to a veteran challenge participant (aka a challenge junkie)--ME! I know EXACTLY how you feel when you enter these challenges. And they seem "scary"! TRUST me, I had been there hundreds of times now. Each time is a new frontier. And boy, I failed NUMEROUS times (shamelessly) and yes, it was not pleasant when you fail. But now I am so glad that I did because I LEARNED SO MUCH.I applaud you for taking the big plunge and get out of your comfort zone! You'll be glad that you did! And your first challenge card is WAY better than mine (back in 2010 for my first MF challenge..I thought I was pretty good back then--WRONG!!!). YAY, you go girl! LOVE love your postage card, Sheila. The colors and layering are SUPERB!You should most definitely do more challenges as you are a winner in my book!

Greta said...

Good for you! I totally understand not wanting to fail--I often feel completely overwhelmed looking at all the talent on blogs & websites. I have found I don't have to try & be someone else--my style is OK & I look for challenges that seem to include participants using various styles. Your postal card came out great!

Dawn said...

I so agreed with your thoughts Sheila... particularly about the Moxie World challenges... I was daunted by the uber talented ladies out there... infact I only entered my first MWC a couple of weeks ago. I do other challenges where it's random draws... there you have as much chance as everyone else... but ones where they choose the best .... well I don't think I am good enough. But I am coming round to your way of thinking. Trying is the main thing, learning new technique etc. You have developed so much in the time I have been following. Good luck with the challenge...your card is superb. So love visiting your inspiring blog!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Fabulous words of thought Sheila!! Glad you are going to share you work in challenges as I think you are a great artist!

Brenda said...

You ARE a fabulous ARTIST! But I can totally understand what you shared today. I would love to become a great bike rider, but have stayed away for the fear of falling, not of the pain, but afraid of being ridiculed! That's why I have stuck to running! Well, now I bought a great Mountain Bike and I'm just going to do it! Sometimes with card making I first make a card, just because, for me, and then I look at some challenge sites and see if they fit in there, and if they do, I submit them, no real pressure or anxiety! Anyway, you're so frigging talented Sheila, just go girl!

Cath said...

I am so glad you've decided to take the risk of joining us in our challenges, Sheila! I absolutely *love* this post--and your card--and congratulate you on having the courage to go outside of your comfort zone and throw your hat into the ring. Not only is this the best way for me to get to know you, and for all of us to get to know one another, but it is the very thing that will keep us young, engaged, and relevant. Besides, it's just plain, good ol' FUN! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

You GO girlfriend!