Saturday, November 5, 2011


tidings.  Yep-I know I am a bit early with this but can never be too organized when it comes to holiday prep.  I needed to make two holiday cards and thought that I would go with Hero Arts in order to enter them  in both the 2Peas Contest as well as the monthly HA contest.  I have never done anything in 2Peas before and I really am not sure that I have uploaded my cards correctly.  I actually have been on a break from challenges as I found that I was not enjoying myself and just generally getting stressed out when cardmaking.  Like, I never uploaded in time, I goofed on challenge requirements or, in this current 2Peas case I cannot seem to navigate the site.  And really, while I understand that it must be "easy" and user friendly I also understand that I am actually a fairly intelligent person.....hence, my incredibly high degree of frustration when the uploading/navigation/posting and editing doesn't go smoothly.  Oh well, I hope that I will eventually learn my way around the 2Peas site and in the meantime I am also entering this into the monthly HA challenge with my cards' qualifying for the "bling" category.  Seriously, did you even doubt that when they announced "bling" as being a contest category that I would even hesitate to join in?  So, my personal challenge was to bling up both cards without any added gems, pearls etc....I wanted to bling-ify the cards with out my usual add - on embellies so, I tried to bling by using color, layers, and stickles and I am actually really pretty happy with the results.  So, here they be:

This particular stamp uses the HA Classic Holly stamp here which I then stamped numerous times on the card. Then, I colored with copics, stickled with Diamond stickles and done!

This card is from the HA clear set called Christmas Reindeer found here and the background is also HA called Tiny Flakes found here .  Again, colored with copics and stickled.  I believe I will probably be "stickling" from now till at least post Valentine's Day......Thanks so much for stopping by.....I am glad that I was able to share these!

Be well,


Dawn said...

Both are wonderful Sheila. Love the holly one. Great shimmery shine.

Sasha said...

Two gorgeous Christmas cards, Sheila.
Love the holly stamp and stickling on your first card and the super snow scene on your second. I love stickling, too:)

You asked about the fireworks. On the 5th November here in the UK, we clebrate what was orignally the date Guy Fawkes planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. People have bonefire parties and let off fireworks. Unfortunately, around where we live, this now seems to start well before Halloween and carries on up until the new year. People just seem to like setting off bangers and aerial fireworks, which is very annoying. Hope this helps to explain my rant.

Brenda said...

Totally in love with both your cards Sheila! Love that Holly one, wow, it's a stunner! And the deer is the cutest ever!
I know exactly what you mean regarding card making for challenges and it not being as rewarding as card making just for fun! I have also found that trying/wanting to blog every day and wanting to comment on people's blogs and Flickr everyday is also taking all the fun out of it, for me that is. So, I need to review my "strategy"! Maybe blog myself every second day and comment on the alternate days. Not sure! If you have the answer let me know! Hugs to you and have a fab weekend!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Sheila from elegant to whimsical your cards shine!

Lisa said...

I know what you mean about the whole challenge thing. Sometimes I find myself getting too wrapped up in it all, and the fun gets sucked right out of the process!
And, seriously, a bling category?? Do they KNOW who you are??! Your name is all over that one girl!!
Love all of your cards today especially the reindeer. It seems a bit out of the ordinary for you which is why I love it! Super cute, Sheila!

bessanne said...

Love that reindeer card, so adorable, reminds me of our favorite Rudolph movie!