Monday, January 2, 2012

Jill Foster....

....has posted the final "inspired by " card of mine and it is another one that I am glad that she picked!  You know how it is....some cards are just near and dear because they were fun to make, or they were for a special person and sometimes they are a favorite for the simple reason that they turned out exactly the way the way I pictured them in my mind ;-D  Anyways, skadoodle over to Jill's Inspired today as she has my card and her interpretation and BONUS!!!! a really wonderful PB&J video on a technique that I believe I am going to make time to experiment with today.  Jill's interpretation of my card is really wonderful today.  I love the intensity, the depth of color that she always seems to achieve with her colors.  It has been such a pleasure to have been featured by Jill.  Way back when I first started getting into blogs (and yes, I will confess that it was with the help of my kids....)  there were a few blogs that instantly jumped out at me and became favorites.  One was "Inspired by...." due to Jill's idea of focusing on one person each week and then stretching her own  artistic wings in order to present her own stylings on that person's card.  What a great idea right?  And the added bonus for me, especially as I was just starting out, I was just navigating the internet and blogs in general is that Jill BLEW OPEN a veritable blog window for me!  All of a sudden I was able to surf her blog, follow her daily, or tune in for an end of the week visual feast on a new (to me) and exciting artist.  I could tap into her "archive" of names and see more great work and at the same time, learn how to also be "inspired by" other's work.  Thru Jill's blog and the exposure to many others, I learned more about balance, placement, color and perhaps for one cardmaker starting you could create absolutely amazing cards with just white pieces of paper.  I would look at her cards and be enthralled that her backgrounds were once just the same simple white papers that I had in my own room.     So, thank you Jill,  no really, THANK YOU JILL....not just for spotlighting me these last few days but for "helping" me out when I was a faceless person half a country away learning how to surf the 'net and trying very hard to create a card that was "good enuf'" to upload to Flickr.  You're such a sweetie girl, and I am so happy to have met you last summer!

Now, I also have a card to share today!  Such a bonus for you all right?????  A "book" and a card.  I know, I know, I can get kinda "windy" in bloggings at times....Anyways, here is a new Northwoods image that  I finally had the time to color up.  I like it but the "mounting" of it is a little bit of a problem for doesn't mount nicely with any circlular dies I have so hence the "naked mount....any ideas from you on how to place this image?  Otherwise, it is a simple card with some pp scraps and a sweet Penny Black sentiment.  Then, red stickles on the berries and Glamour Dust on select areas to represent snow.  Enjoy your day and Go Badgers!  (Rose Bowl today.....)

Be well,


Sasha said...

Hi Sheila, I think your wreath looks perfect as it is, mounted onto the vertical strip it looks fabulous! You're colouring is really lovely and I love your sentiment, too:)

Dawn said...

Your wreath doesn't need a mount Sheila... it is perfect on it's own like that. I've enjoyed seeing Jill's interpretations of your cards this week. Stunning ones from both of you.