Sunday, November 11, 2012

Late to

the game....or at least late to the scramble.  I have not been able to participate in a HA scramble for....well probably for at least a year now.  My kids always had something going on and usually it was on a Saturday....just not a day when I have much free time.  But today with it being held on Sunday afternoon I had some time to play.  And my friend Kathy was the person who threw the scramble so of course  I wanted to support her!  And I had a great was fun...I enjoyed working on a card under a strict deadline and as per my usual scramble style I was late on the upload!  But again....IT WAS FUN!  And I am not going to beat myself up because I ran out of time....I always think that 10-15 minutes is enough time to photograph and upload and that is always the day that I have a computer glitch....anyways, here is my card and again I am going to  enter it into the Hero Arts November challenge for Bring on the Bling!

I do use a lot of layers in my cards and want to point out that I use the Spellbinders Grand Caliber die cutting machine for most of my work.  It has a huge plate that I am able to fit several different size die cuts on each time I cut and emboss.  I bought it at Micheals with a coupon and got nearly 50% off.  I used to have a small machine but finally decided that a big machine was worth the money when  it came to making many cuts at once!
I also keep all of my dies in an ArtBin storage system...I actually have several of them and I pick them up at either JoAnns or Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupons.  This is what they look like and I find that I can store my dies on the magnetic sheets in an organized way. Then I can look at various dies and see how they will work with both my image and each other for the best possible layers. The ArtBin looks like a little briefcase and many white magnetic sheets fit inside.  I then line all my ArtBins up on a book case just like I would books.   I can open each bin and flip through the pages to see what I have and what will work best for each card...then I can put the die back right away and it helps me to keep mess and chaos to a minimum...always a nice feature right?

Well, thank you for stopping by today.....I really am so appreciative of your comments.  Take care now!

Be well,


rcwidow (Linda) said...

Love the holly. Glad you got to play!

paula said...

Hi Sheila, what a gorgeous card. I so wanted to play but had stuff to do. I loved seeing your machine & how you store your dies.

Brenda said...

Ooh, there is that cute little bow again! Love your card. I know what you mean about being late to the party, but at least you are just late with the upload, I'm late for the entire challenge! I'm beginning to wonder how many Art Bins you actually have seeing as you say "I line them ALL up ...." - I just had to chuckle!

Maureen Morton said...

Hey, no wonder you were late! This is a huge and super-fancy creation. Over the top design and one of your amazing bows! Great layers. Thanks for the peek into your craft den for a little tool-time talk. I just can't go larger.....but I love to see how you've created your magic.

CanadianScraps43 said...

Wow this is amazing. I so love this very country feeling card. I think that you are so lucky to have the calibar machine. I would love to have a die cutting machine like this and those biggie dies are amazing. Maybe Santa will think that I am good enough to get it, but I think that you have to be a good gal right. Lol. Lol. Thanks for sharing.