Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some days

are just kinda blah.   Today is one of them  Actually I don't know if it is the day, the weather or just me but I am wallowing in a sea of blah-ness.  It is not attractive.  And, it is not productive.  I know that I am seriously low on sleep so that is what I am blaming this blah state of affairs on.  But, I want tomorrow to be different.  And it will be because I will make it be!  In the meantime I have a card to share.  The card that I am going to share is radically different from the card that I set out to make.  The card I set out to make was 5 by 7.  This card is 4 7/8 square.  The card that I set out to make had a large image.  This card has a relatively small image.....because  when I was done with the coloring of the image and  I cut it crooked. So, then I tried to fussy cut it and then remount it.  No way no how.  It further damaged the image and then I cut the image down smaller.  But, did so with out my reading glasses on (to save time of course) and  so the image was cut a bit on the diagonal....making the square crooked.  Again my image went under the knife and emerged much smaller.  So, what to do what to image now was way to small for a 5 by 7 card.  And if I simply mounted the image I would be creating a million layers to make it look balanced.  And although I am a total layer lover that would be too many layers for even me.  My next option then was to make the image appear bigger by expanding it's size, falsely, with a frame.  Adding a frame makes the overall image seem that much bigger.  Then I decided how many layers to add as well as trimming down the whole 5 / 7 card to a more manageable 4 7/8 square.  Then I just had to add bling, stickles and a bow to finish off the card.  And, I like it.  I could have scrapped the image when I mutilated it (over and over again!) but I always hate to toss away a colored image.  It is somewhat a challenge to me to find a way to "make it work".  The background paper is of apples which I thought would look so cute with this image and I am sorry that I had to cut so much of that  paper away but all in all I like how the card finished up and know that next time I make a "mistake" it can actually turn out to be a good thing!  The image I used is a Northwoods Rubber Stamp Co. image and the dies are all Spellbinders.  The majority of the bling are those "water drop" looking thing-ys as well as a few pearls.  And, finally, there are some yellow stickles on the pumpkins and GA on the apples.

I thank you for stopping by my blog and I really appreciate your comments.  I also hope you are having a better or less "blah" day over in your part of blogland!

Be well,


rcwidow (Linda) said...

Your card is beautiful! Glad you were able to save it. Hope you are over the blahs!

Lin said...

Glad you didn't throw this away, and kept at it, because this is lovely! And I know exactly what you mean by a "blah" day....sometimes I just can't wait for it to be over; thank goodness whatever is the problem evaporates with a good night's sleep, so I'm wishing you a good one tonight!

Barb said...

Sounds like your day was just like mine yesterday - I about fell asleep at work! Get some good sleep tonight, Sheila and I hope you feel better tomorrow! Love this card - thank goodness you didn't toss the image - you definitely "made it work!" :)

paula said...

Sheila, I think we all have those kind of days. I've even been known to suffer weeks of it ;). Your card is amazing, but I loved the story of how it got there as well. It was well worth all that effort. Keep your chin up & I'm sending you a hug xoxoxoxo

Greta said...

Beautiful colors--such a terrific Fall card!